Rethink the way we eat
Now that you have made it through the difficult liquid days you can start to think about ways to use the things you are learning on the 5DPT on Day 6 and beyond. A popular Day 3 recipe is the Cranberry Turkey Roll-Ups (see recipe section) which takes three ingredients to build a terrific on-the-go meal that is satisfying, affordable, and simply delicious. This recipe is offered not because it is a magic formula for weight loss. It is offered because it is delicious and it meets our dietary needs as WLS-patients who are living in the real world. When we learn to work our tool in the real world we are winning the battle. Use the 5DPT as your vehicle to LivingAfterWLS in the real world.

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Day 3: Soft Protein
Protein Recommendations Day 3: canned fish (tuna or salmon) mixed with lemon and seasoned with salt and pepper, eggs cooked as desired seasoned with salt pepper and/or salsa, fresh soft fish (tilapia, sole, orange roughy), baked or grilled, and lightly seasoned. Yogurt and cottage cheese are allowed in -cup servings, and 1-ounce cheese servings, such as string cheese, are an acceptable between-meal snack provided liquid restrictions are followed. Vegetarian animal protein replacement products such as tofu or vegetable and legume patties are acceptable on Day 3.

Measure your portion (1-cup volume or 4 to 6-ounces weight) and eat only until you feel full, not stuffed. If you need to add a moist condiment (mayonnaise, mustard, relish, salsa and the like) to the canned fish I understand, but keep it to a measured serving as indicated on the product label. A universal favorite for Day 3 is the Parmesan Tuna Patties from the recipe section: make it and enjoy! I bet you find this recipe on your menu far beyond the 5DPT. Substitute canned chicken or turkey if you have an aversion to canned fish.

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Refresher: Protein First
At every meal the WLS patient will eat lean animal, dairy, or vegetable protein before any other food. Protein shakes or supplements may be included as part of the weight loss surgery diet. Patients are advised to consume 60-105 grams of protein a day. Eating lean protein will create a tight feeling in the surgical stomach pouch: this feeling is the signal to stop eating. Many patients report discomfort when eating lean protein, yet this discomfort is the very reason the stomach pouch is effective in reducing food and caloric intake. Animal products are the most nutrient rich source of protein and include fish, shellfish, poultry, and meat. Dairy protein, including eggs, yogurt, and cheese, is another excellent source of protein.

Check out Chapter 9 in your The 5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual for 16 pages of information about the basic rules of weight loss surgery including the Four Rules, Liquid Restrictions, Slider Foods, and understanding nutrition. This knowledge enables your successful weight management beyond the 5 Day Pouch Test.

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Can I have protein shakes on Days 3, 4 and 5?
Answer: Yes, You can include protein drinks on Days 3 to 5, but only as between meal snacks if you are truly hungry. It is best to stick with the menu foods, but on the other hand, if you are hungry or "snacky" go for the protein shake. It will raise your metabolism and satiate your hunger. A protein drink counts as a meal so follow the liquid restrictions. Let your body get the full benefit of this protein and vitamin fortified meal by not washing it down with liquids. Also, if you have scheduled a protein drink in your eating plan take your vitamin supplements with it for better digestion and absorption. When in doubt mindfully enjoy a protein drink first before eating any other snack food. Remember this trick! Even beyond the 5DPT a protein drink is always the best first choice for in between meals snack. A protein drink will serve your snacking needs well without derailing your best efforts for healthy weight management after WLS. Protein Shake Recipes Day 1

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