Four Strategies For Coping With Food Pushers After Weight Loss Surgery
After weight loss surgery it often feels like others have taken an almost pushy interest in the way we eat. Some well meaning people actually become "Food Pushers" - those who would have us eat more than we could or should eat. Here are four strategies for coping with food pushers after weight loss surgery.
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By Kaye Bailey

After weight loss surgery (WLS) it often feels like others have taken an almost pushy interest in the way we eat. Some well meaning people actually become "Food Pushers" - those who would have us eat more than we could or should eat. Sometimes they are well intentioned wishing only to share the bounty of the table; others are prideful cooks who consider food rejection a personal insult. And admittedly, some food pushers have unsavory designs for derailing our best weight management efforts.

It has been nearly 11 years since my gastric bypass and I have been a very public WLS-Advocate for the last 7 years. I know that for myself, and for many of you, there is not a time when we are not closely watched and critiqued as we engage in fueling our bodies with food. It is no wonder so many of us, myself included, seek to eat in privacy much of the time! Here are a few skills I have learned to use in coping with the food pushers:

A Smile & Good Manners. We all know that smiles and good manners are in short supply these days. When faced with a food pusher bring on the charm. Smile and say "No thank you." Offer a compliment about the hostess and the food you have enjoyed. Show appreciation for the non-food elements of the party such as good company and conversation, a lovely setting or generous host. Be polite and non-confrontational. Change the topic of conversation or ask a personal question about the food pusher to focus attention on something beyond food and your fork. Above all else, be polite, smile and show good manners. Your food pusher is probably not expecting that.

Accept the Offering. At the end of the day we are all in charge of our own fork. If you have made the deliberate choice to make a food-splurge at event then by all means accept a gracious offering from a food pusher. Eat an appropriate portion, enjoy the treat and continue to enjoy the occasion.

Take it To Go. Feigning fullness try getting the goods to go. A complimentary "I'm just too full with all the wonderful food we have already enjoyed to have another bite. Perhaps I could take my serving "to go" so I can truly enjoy it a bit later?" This works because the pusher has delivered the goods and received a compliment as well. And, between you and me, there is no shame in depositing the to-go box in the dumpster rather than pushing it on someone else or eating it out of obligation or guilt.

Fair Trade. This is my most extreme food pusher strategy; I have only used it twice with 100% successful results both times. Knowing we were headed to an event hosted by a relentless food pusher I prepared a hummus dip to eat with baked tofu chips. When Pushy Polly insisted I try her mile high gooey sugar pie I returned the gesture in kind with a nice serving of hummus and tofu saying, "You are always sharing your recipes and unique cooking style with me. It seems about time I share one of my specialties with you! Please eat, enjoy! Have more!" Polly is not so pushy any more. (For the record - I eat hummus and baked tofu chips about as often as I eat mile high gooey sugar pie!)

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