Kaye Bailey: Author of the 5 Day Pouch Test

Kaye Bailey is freelance health writer specializing in weight loss surgery. Using her gift for words and personal experience with gastric bypass Ms. Bailey brings a refreshing and real perspective to her articles. Her articles are widely syndicated on the Internet and used by bariatric centers and weight loss surgery support groups around the world. Her personal creed of individual responsiblity for one's health is highly praised as one of the most empowering philosophies for successful long-term weight loss and weight maintenance.

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Ms. Bailey is the voice behind the popular website, LivingAfterWLS.com which has become the premier online destination for weight loss surgery information and support. The website boasts an extensive article and video library, recipe collection, eZine newsletters and active support forum called The Neighborhood. Ms. Bailey's interaction with the community and dedication to quality on-going education and support for those who chose surgical weight loss for the treatment of obesity is unsurpassed.

Weight Loss Surgery Ambassador: "I am not a recruiter for weight loss surgery. My objective as a writer and speaker about weight loss surgery is to promote knowledge and empower success for those who elect to arrest their obesity with a surgical option," said Ms. Bailey. Controlling obesity is a lifetime challenge, she says, with or without weight loss surgery. Ms. Bailey authored the LivingAfterWLS Empowerment Philosophy that says, "The first step to personal empowerment is personal responsibility. LivingAfterWLS holds individuals accountable for making their weight loss surgery successful. When individuals take responsibility they feel liberated and motivated to invest personal equity in their success."

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